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Works for us

Last updated: 04.09.18

WorksForUs in an 18-month project which aims to understand how unions can better reach workers in non-unionised workplaces.

We’re exploring what language chimes with workers when we talk about unions, which social media channels are used by workers when they talk about work, and what issues get raised.

Our research amongst unions in the UK and abroad shows evidence of how collective voice improves productivity and enhances wellbeing at work.

Our aim is to persuade Governments, employers and unions to collaborate on long-term strategies which thrive with out political control.

The main outcomes for the project are:

  1. To identify the current understanding of employees, employers and public policy makers on the role and scope of collective voice and bargaining.
  2. To develop and promote workable mechanisms for collective voice for the 21st century.

The WorksForUs partnership with provides an online route for staff with out a recognised union to make their collective voice heard and share their concerns with their employer.

By promoting and supporting these campaigns through, WorksForUs can help unions understand how to organise in new industries, and help workers recognise the benefits of making their voice heard through a union.