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Coworker partnership

Last updated: 28.03.19

The WorksForUs / Coworker partnership is here to help you and your colleagues find your voice at work.

Whether you feel you're facing a problem alone or know you are speaking for many people, we can support you to talk to your colleagues, learn how they feel and share your opinions with your employer to find a way to make your workplace better and you and your colleagues happier.

It’s sometimes scary to speak out. WorksForUs exists to provide the support you need to take that first step - whether that's through our partnership with petition platform, or by connecting you directly with the modern unions that make up our parent organisation, Unions 21. gives employees like you a way start, run, and win campaigns to change their workplaces. Setting up a petition gives you and your coworkers a way to win support for change, and then to seek a resolution from your employer.

Every day, employees use to launch and join campaigns around issues large and small - from improving an office breakroom to providing paid sick leave to employees. Anything is possible when coworkers join together.

Creating your petition on our partner page means we can help promote your campaign, keep an eye on how things are going and give you a hand if you need one. It also means you can be inspired by the other UK campaigns we support.

If you've got an idea for change, get started by creating a petition now.