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Unions 21 welcomes new Co-Vice Chair

Unions 21 welcomes Amy Leversidge, AGS at the FDA in her new role as Co-Vice Chair with our current Vice Chair, Jon Skewes. At the FDA, Amy is responsible for leading the organising, communications and learning functions of the FDA in addition to managing four of the National Officers. At Unions 21, she will take a role in helping to guide the organisation in its strategic and operational work.

We asked Jon and Amy about this new change and what they’re looking forward to in the future.

Jon says:

“I am really pleased the trustees have placed their faith in Amy to join me as Vice Chair. I have worked closely with her at the RCM and she is a great friend. As well as wide experience in three big sectors, Amy brings a committed pragmatism and effectiveness to the role.

She’s a fantastic communicator who makes things happen and I look forward to her seeing her put her skills into practice at Unions 21. Amy has run winning campaigns on everything from NHS pay to bullying in the House. She is bright and if I resent anything it’s that she has appeared on Newsnight much more than me.

I am proud that Unions 21 continues to grow in term of union supporters and continues to contribute to the debate about work, union development and how we can be more effective as a movement. No more has this been highlighted than by our useful recent publication on how unions have adapted during the pandemic. Our webinars have been fantastically well attended by union staff across the board.

Amy’s appointment to Vice Chair is part of our succession planning for a bright future for the open space for trade unions that Unions 21 represents. I believe that alongside, our hugely able Chair, Sue Ferns and excellent ED, Becky Wright, Amy will help guide Unions 21 to a continued prominent place in the movement.”

Amy says:

“It is a incredible honour to become Co Vice Chair with Jon! Unions 21 have always played a crucial role in thinking about the future and the opportunities and challenges facing unions and then helping individual unions to think innovatively about the solutions. Now more than ever this will be so important as we move out of the pandemic and face changes to the way our members work and so unions will have to understand the way in which we need to change to support our members. I am really looking forward to working more closely with Jon, Becky and Sue to make sure that Unions 21 are at the forefront of that debate.

Over the last year, our research by Tom Hunt stands out and I think it will continue to be helpful as we navigate the future world of work as we come out of the pandemic. I think it has stood out as highlighted the incredible work that many unions did to immediately change the way we worked and engaged with members and that has resulted in growing membership in many unions. There are some fantastic stories in the report which demonstrates that when unions are visible and relevant we grow and are influential.

I see the role of Unions 21 in the future in helping our unions navigate the challenges ahead. WE will ask the tough questions, make unions think critically about their future strategies, and help unions to innovate while giving unions a forum to come together and share best practice.”