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Unions 21 Webinar 'Data for Unions'

Unions 21 Webinar 'Data for Unions'

In this session we’ll be looking at how data can help unions post pandemic. What data do we need to be effective and how can unions promote and display good data governance?

With Christina Colclough, thought-leader on the future of work and the politics of digital technology, she is an advocate for the workers’ voice. Worked for the global trade union to co-create digital policies and strategies that put workers’ digital rights first. Christina was named as one of the world's most influential women on the Ethics of AI. She is also a member of the OECD One AI Expert Group. And, Andrew Pakes, Director of communications and research at Prospect Union, helping to lead the union's policy, communications, legal and outreach for over 147,000 members across a diverse range of professions.

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Thu 16 July 2020 10:00

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