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Last updated: 19.10.16


Becky Wright, Executive Director

Previous to her post at Unions 21, Becky spent five years as the Director of the TUC’s Organising Academy and was responsible for the development and delivering of the Academy’s training programme for union organisers and officers. Following activity in local community and women’s campaigns, in 2001, she joined the TSSA as an Academy Organiser and then went on to take national and regional organising projects for Prospect, NATFHE and ATL. Becky holds a BA(Hons) in Politics, an MRes as well as a Diploma in Education and has also studied Contemporary European Labour Studies at Masters level at the Universiteit van Amsterdam.

Henry Skewes, Projects Co-ordinator

Henry Skewes is the projects co-ordinator at Unions 21 with a focus on organising the WorksForUs project, social media and operations across all Unions 21 campaigns.

Starting at the Oxford Migration Institute as a researcher on a project about race and The TUC, Henry then began an internship working across operations at Unions 21. His current work with Unions 21 supports digital organising techniques, social media strategy for Unions 21 and supporter unions, events and admin.

Working with Unions21

Vic Barlow

Vic advises Unions 21 on communications and engagement strategy, taking a lead on press and PR, newsletter content and campaign messaging.

Having started her union career as NASUWT's press officer, Vic worked her way to Assistant General Secretary for communications and membership at ATL, then NEU. Her work with Unions 21 has seen her support the Association of Educational Psychologists with a member recruitment strategy, NGSU with a social and digital plan and ASLEF with a database and digital project.

Simon Sapper

Simon was responsible for CWU's relations with other unions, CWUYouth, internal discipline and conduct, general policy and strategy delivery. He has previously fulfilled a number of roles including leading negotiations with BT and other employers, Legal Services Officer and Health, Safety and Environment Officer. He joined the then NCU in 1989prior to that he worked for IPMS (now Prospect) and the Anti Apartheid Movement (now transformed into ACTSA).

He is an individual member of Unions 21.


Sue Ferns, Chair

Sue Ferns

Sue is Deputy General Secretary at Prospect, the union for professionals. Her responsibilities in Prospect include leading the union’s work on equal opportunities; legal services; skills; campaigning and communications; and on science, engineering and sustainability.

Sue has been a member of the TUC General Council since 2005, and is a board member of unionlearn, deputy chair of the Women’s Committee and a TUC Aid Trustee. She has been an active member of the Trade Union Sustainable Development Advisory Committee since its inception, and is the General Council’s lead on environment and sustainability. She is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and a trustee of the Science Council.

Jon Skewes, Vice Chair

Jon Skewes

Jon is the Director of Policy, Employment Relations and Communications for the Royal College of Midwives. He is the RCM lead negotiator in the NHS and is responsible for external relationships. Jon has extensive experience as a negotiator, campaigner and organiser across public services and is also a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Professional Development and a Member of the TUC General Council.

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