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Unions 21 welcomes the PDAU

The Pharmacists Defence Association Union (PDAU) is the latest trade union to formally join Unions 21.

Becky Wright, Director of Unions 21 said: “’Unions 21 is delighted to welcome the PDA to our organisation.  As a dynamic, forward looking union, we are excited to see the lessons we can learn from the PDA as well as work collaboratively to review the issues unions face right now.

John Murphy, General Secretary of the Pharmacists’ Defence Association (PDA) Union said: “We are always looking to improve the way we serve our members and we recognise that just as our members achieve more by acting collectively so the union can be better by working more closely with other unions. We look forward to learning from other unions, to sharing our own good practice and to working together on the issues faced in today’s and tomorrow’s workplaces.”

John continued: “I am delighted that joining Unions 21 places us in the company of many trade unions representing other health professionals as well as trade unions representing the staff who work alongside our community Pharmacist members and those in other sectors.”