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Unions 21 2019 Conference Podcast - Part 1: The Future of Collective Voice

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This is the first of two podcasts capturing the highlights of our 2019 conference, held last month at the splendidly refurbished offices of the International Transport Workers’ Federation (thanks very much for having us).

Part 2 will look at the Future of Work and the impact of digital tech and AI. This episode is all about that other burning issue – collective voice in the 21st century. We hear from Mike Clancy, Andrea Garnero, Mel Simms and Danny Mortimer, all under the watchful eyes of Baroness Margaret Prosser and U21 Executive Director Becky Wright.

There are also contributions from Denise Linay, Betsy Dillner, Nick Child and Judy Shaw. A full running order is below.

With the report from our Commission for Collective Voice being published on 26 June, this podcast is the perfect companion, explainer and foil. You can join the debate by emailing us at, or tweeting us @unions21. We’d love to hear your views.

You can access all Unions21 podcasts here.

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Running Order

The survey that Andrea refers to is his contribution can be found here.


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